Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fake Nails vs Cleaning Lady

I recently posted this on my Facebook Status:
is wondering... need an opinion from ya'll... fake nails or cleaning lady (2x/mo)... I only have so much "blow money" in my Dave Ramsay envelope, and this girl needs a little somethin' for me...
It turns out MANY of my friends had opinions on this matter. Actually all but one had ONE opinion - HOUSE CLEANING! The only one who didn't automatically put "housecleaning" on her vote agreed it was not an easy decision to make.
Here is the argument for each...
I will address the "nails" first - for as long as I can remember (even when I was taking awesome vitamins and pregnant) my nails have been flimsy and peel. I paint them with amazing or cheap polish with all the coats (it takes about an hour - then let them sit for an hour) and they chip within the same day. 
I wrote about my nails a few weeks ago explaining how I have felt about them and how much I enjoy them. When I have them done, it is a treat for me. My nails are healthy and strong beneath their coating and they never chip, bend or break. When I see them I feel "put together". Even in my gym clothes and ponytail, I look "girlie".
Now for the house cleaner thing:
My house is 1600 sq ft. But we primarily live in the upstairs so I would only need someone to clean about 800 sq ft. Which would take an uninterrupted fast cleaning lady about 1 1/2 hrs at the most. IF I am uninterrupted, it takes me about 2 1/2 hrs to do the whole house every week - but how many times has that happened? 
When I am trying to do my weekly cleaning, it takes me ALL week with the zillion and a half interruptions. Or it takes me 4 -5 hours of one day and I have to act like "psycho-mommy" to keep the kids from messing up the room I just left, while I move on to cleaning the next one. 
I am NOT a neat freak, I battle clutter and don't have to have a clean house to have company. Cleaning for me has always been a fluid thing, when necessary but never compulsive or certainly not worth losing my temper over. That is one of the reasons I hate "psycho mommy". I want to get the task done, but I truly care more about the relationships in my life more than the dirt on my floor. I consistently seek balance (my Love is much more "orderly" than I) between relationships and tasks and I am improving for sure...
 So, I am in search of a solution. Hopefully one that will allow me to have nice nails and a clean house without negative impact on my family. :)


Swainston Family said...

I so wish I lived in CDA!! I would kid swap with you once a week, so we could each get our homes clean uninterrupted. That way the nails would still be possible. I seem to have the same nails as you and love having them done. My problem is I can't find the uninterrupted time to get them done.

Jennifer - Live Courageous! said...

I agree! I was in the pool swimming today - missing you! We really NEED to coordinate our calendars and see each other's faces!!! I would SO watch your boys so you could get your nails done!!
We have to take care of each other right???!!

Unknown said...

Such a dilemma! When I worked full time we used to have a lady come in and clean. It was such a blessing! To have everything clean at once, instead of piece by piece like I have to. But...the clutter is so crazy it would be the situation of cleaning before the cleaning lady comes these days :). Hugs, Jennifer!

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