Sunday, June 26, 2011

Me vs. My Bike

The bike is my hardest part of the triathlon.

I am afraid of it.

Well, not the bike itself, I like to look at it. It is the first size small anything I have owned in AGES. It is white and a really cool metallic green. :)

I am afraid of FALLING OFF, getting hit by a car, and crashing in general.

I knew it was bad, but this week, when I was in my spin class, there was a car passing on the VIDEO of the road we were "riding" on and I got stressed.

I KNOW!!! Crazy!!

So, I am going to have to let go of this ridiculous fear! I just have no idea how!

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The Meredith Family said...

In the name of our sweet Jesus I command the spirit of fear to leave my friend alone! Jesus, You created Jennifer to be a triathalete! You put it in her DNA to do it to the fullest. She will not allow ANYTHING to scare her! You are her ROCK, her FORTRESS, and her comforter. Father, today, from here on out, when she gets on that bike will you hold her up and replace that fear with adrenaline... Joy... comfort... and the knowledge that with YOU she can do this! she can ride that bike in style!! Thank you Jesus! For loving her and giving her supernatural strength and courage!!

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