Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family updates and blessings...

So, you already know my little fellas are busy. You know I struggle at times to find the humor in it and you know I wonder if this season of "creative" activities will ever end. Not today.

As I look at the glitter stained (perhaps cemented is a better word) tabletop in my scrapbook room and contemplate the damage done to the 70year old hymnals with dragonfly stamps on them and in them coated in glitter I count myself blessed. I prayed for these days. I begged God for them and here they are and I have to work hard at not praying for them to end.

I have decided that the creative pursuits of my children should not be punished. Discussed and encouraged to seek mommy's assistance before "artwork" happens, but not punished. I want them to be creative and I want them to learn how to respect other peoples stuff. Daddy has a different philosophy after the pen drawing on the back of the drivers seat in the car, but we won't go into that. Basically, car and art do not go together any more.

My youngest is perpetually throwing himself on the floor expressing an alternate opinion to my own, blowing raspberries all the time, throwing everything that might be in his way and finally, shrieking regularly at octaves that make your ears ache. Blow on his tummy and he cackles and giggles. Smooch his little neck and watch him wiggle with delight. Peter's sweet blue eyes twinkle with mischief I have yet to experience from his brothers and I love it! I love that he is his own little person. I love that his opinions are so important they are worth throwing himself over for. That kind of raw emotion is so real that it reminds me how necessary it is for me to allow him to become the guy God designed him to be. I pray regularly that I will be able to channel all that passion in all the right directions. He is so incredible.

My middle guy is a treat. His smile could make flowers bloom. His scream can make your ears bleed. His laughter is so contagious! He is also becoming his own guy. He isn't following John like he once did. Naturally there is some additional conflict that arises. James is learning how to be James and not copying John. He is also not fond of going along with whatever anyone else says. Not only is he rebelling at John's control of him but of anything that seems controlling from the adults around him. He can debate and argue like a champ, often getting my "goat", much to my dismay. He is a daily education for me. I'm the Mommy, You are the child, God loves you, yes I have to discipline you, no I don't want to, yes it will make you sad, no you can't choose the discipline, yes you need to obey, etc. James blossoming independence is a gift. I have asked God to show him who he is and sure enough, He is doing just that. James keeps my perspective in check -- my eyes on the big picture instead of the momentary lack of respect. He is a strong little guy and he will lead many to Christ someday. His destiny is ordained and blessed by the Living God.

My oldest, John is about to begin his education outside of our home. He is starting Kindergarten in the fall and I am adjusting already to other people having more influence in his life. Have I done enough? Will he be safe? How will I know? A whole new way to trust the Lord, no doubt.

He too is becoming stronger and more confident in who he is. He has the courage to look me in the eye and yell "no" when he disagrees and then he has the humility, when corrected, to ask for forgiveness. He is becoming wiser in his choices and faster to obey. He still loves to lay his face on mine when I haven't moved over enough for him to share my pillow. He is very funny. He can build a puzzle in less than 10 minutes and can create hot wheels race tracks you can't even imagine. He loves cars and the color pink. He has learned to ride his bike without the training wheels while his mommy cried into the speaker of the video camera. He makes me want to be a better mommy because he is so passionate about being a great John. We are in the "superhero" stage and that makes a lot of things fun. He is a wonderful big brother and a loving friend too. Late last night when I went in to cover him up he stirred and started talking in his sleep. He said, "don't be mean to him, he's my brother". I love who he is and I am so excited to watch God's will for his life fulfilled.

I am learning and growing along with them. It isn't always fun or easy, but it is always good. Just like the God we know and are learning to serve.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sooner rather than later.... maybe.

So, I promised tales from the Bog bunch...
There is writing on the wall now, it looks more like the Target bullseye than Latin, Hebrew or Greek, but I think the message is clear: Do not leave any sort of writing utensil ANYWHERE that my sweet creative John can find it. After the creative writing on the wall incident and the appropriate punishment that followed I was dumbfounded to discover that the computer downstairs had highlighted keys in pink and yellow and now, this might surprise you, black Sharpie on the screen. Oh yes, it is definitely permanent... I could have lived with a pink alphabet and a yellow spacebar much better - but that came off. Now --- ALL writing objects are out of sight and out of reach. Hopefully.

As for my spiritual journey thus far --- I am feeling less poetic and introspective these days - too busy for real navel gazing - but I am reading a couple of incredible books that are altering my life in all ways imaginable. Champagne for the Soul by Mike Mason and The Supernatural Ways of Royalty by Kris Vallaton and Bill Johnson.

My precious Peter is walking and very vocal, my delightful James is full of intense energy and loves to run and sing, and my dear John is so smart and fast I wonder if I can keep up now, let alone in a year or two.

I hit the treadmill almost every day in an effort to become a "fast Mommy" to keep up with my fast boys. I am not exactly sucessful in watching my eating habits as I am still struggling with the day to day busy survival mode that is hard to break out of when you have 3 very busy little fellows. I still love my health and wellness supplements and keeping up with my water intake can be a challenge as it is not easy to get a chance to go to the bathroom some days!

I am finding more joy in every day and receiving the insight the Lord has been giving me about myself. I finally like me. It has taken a very long time to get here, but I am thankful for me and my gifts and I am excited to walk each day watching to see what God has planned for me to do. I regularly picture my head to His chest resting and listening to His heartbeat. He wants us responding to His heart - His passion - His vision for us... daily. I have recently learned about a term called entrainment (you will have to look it up for more detail) which basicly is two things aligning together in the same rhythm - or something like that. But for me, I want my heart to beat in sync with the Lord's heart. That is my prayer.

God bless you and keep you. Thanks for reading and I will try to keep more current now that I have a computer that works again...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It has been a while...

Yes, I am still here. It has been a rough few weeks and I am still in recovery mode. God is good and sustaining me in His grace along with my family. I will update more soon. My sweet Peter started walking Saturday. John and James are amazing and clever as usual. I have a few antics to report when I have some more time. God bless you and if you are keeping me in your prayers I am very thankful!!

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