Friday, June 17, 2011


Oh boy! I have two weeks of "Fess Ups" to make so as a woman who has ridden "Thunder Mountain" at Disneyland TOO many times in my lifetime:

"Hang on to your hats and glasses, 'cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness!"

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have wanted to put that in print instead of keeping it my head!! And by the way, it has been AT LEAST 15 years since I have even been in the vicinity of Disneyland and I might be overstating the excitement you will find in this blog a bit, maybe...

My oldest has started wiping off kisses, extracting himself from my hugs, and working for hours on lego Star Wars battleships. I think he's growing up. I am not gonna lie... I am looking forward to what's next but I miss my little guy. 
On his 7th birthday, my young Jedi salutes me.

I always meant to send this in to Pace for their marketing campaign!

I have tried to cook healthier now that I am doing a biggest loser challenge on Spark People. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This didn't work...

My Love mocked my efforts and I swore to him it would taste better than it looked. It didn't.

If you have been following my "fess ups" you know about my most hated messy place I have been trying to conquer for months... Here is the most recent evolution. It took two weeks to go from beginning photo to the end.

We have a super small living room and this did not help increase its size, but I hope it will help increase my organization. I will keep you posted!

Every year my Love and his buds go to what I lovingly refer to "Man Camp".They are busy with their families all year long and then, for one weekend a year (and occasional "safety meetings") they spend two and a half days just being together. I took a picture this year of some of the groceries and packing style. My husband is terribly prompt. I am not. Some of his friends aren't either. He didn't care. The kids and I did have to stop running in and out of the house kissing him goodbye though... we were rather annoying. ;)

I took a poll on my Facebook status last week. I asked if I should spend my blow money on fake nails or on a cleaning lady. This is what I picked despite 47 responses encouraging a cleaning lady. Maybe someday when I get a bigger house, I will think a cleaning lady is a good idea. For now, my nails look like this:
I did get all ten nails done, this was just the picture that came out the best!

and I like them!

I finally caved to the sad begging of my sons to allow them to run through the sprinkler this "summer". I think it was about 65 degrees and windy. They are obviously miserable!

Finally, every year I think I can wrap my brain and brown thumbs around the idea of a garden. Some years I grow a tomato plant on the back porch. This year, my "garden" consists of three flower pots. Here's to hoping I remember to water them and that they grow!

Hopefully I won't have to confess in a few weeks that I put too many fertilizer sticks in, watered too much and drowned them or forgot to water them entirely. See now why I can't have pets!

We are due to go camping in a few hours. I am still in my pajamas, my kids need breakfast, and I am not packed yet. I am almost ready to go!

Happy Friday All!


Kira said...

Heehee, I think this is my favorite 'fess up post you've done. Each one had me smiling or laughing. And I am also inspired. I read about your husband's trip and asked my husband, who is sitting near me, if he would ever want to go camping with his buddies. He said "Heck yeah, I'm scheduled to have a 'man-end' some time this summer." Get it? Man Weekend. He is very clever, my husband. Reading your heart on it has helped me not only feel supportive of the idea, but excited for him.

That picture of your little guy with the orange shirt running from the sprinkler is priceless. As always, thank you so much for linking up with me! Hope your camping trip was awesome. We had a great time but we definitely want to go to the closer park next time. We're exhausted.

Rebecca said...

hahahaha! :D Hope you made it out of the house to go camping!

Glad you chose the nails...there's always a house to clean, but not always the time for a luxury that REALLY does bring you pampering joy and LASTS...that is..every time you catch a glance of beautiful color and sparkle from you nails throughout the day and week, it brings a an uplift, a smile, and a 'purty' moment for the day.

I only paint my nails a few times throughout the year...but the whole week (or few days that it lasts-lol) brings me such GIRLY JOY, that I can put up with the chipping that the end of a heavy load of dish scrubbing brings :D.

(Love the pic of the hubby standing at the end of the driveway w/all the packed goods itchin' for his getaway....that's a framer!!!!!!)...and you're KILLLLLIN me with the 'heads up' my oldest son is about to go through too with the 'pulling away'-ouch! But you're awesome that they are becoming healthy and independent boys that will one day need these giftings/essentials for being a strong man for his own family and future endeavors. Wow. Blows my mind.

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