Friday, June 24, 2011

Fessin' up to a new favorite, soggy campers, and keeping perspective


My "'Fess-Up" begins this week with one of my favorite new treats. I know, I know, I am training for 3 triathlons and I am still only 20lbs lighter than I was this time last year and I have a new "treat". These things are so good - it's crazy! As a matter of fact, I have even been considering coating them in chocolate... but not today... By the way, I do account for the calories. I am not willing to sacrifice all my hard work for a gorge on these, even if it is tempting!
We had a fairly big event this week and it has caused me to shed a tear or two. My middle "little" has to get glasses. Since birth he has had this charisma and confidence that draws people to him. He has a charming personality and a grin that can make any bad day vanish like fog in the sunshine. His personality is so much like mine that instead of clashing, we mesh like peanut butter and chocolate (mmmm.... still thinking about those pretzels...) Anyway, I was pretty sure he was having trouble seeing far away because he has always sat too close to the tv when watching cartoons or playing video games, but he never seemed to have any trouble in school. We finally had his eyes checked, he's near-sighted, like me and his Dad. I didn't get glasses til I was 22 and realized I couldn't pitch a softball over the plate anymore because I couldn't see it. My Love, however, has had glasses since he was a small guy. He was pretty upset about him having to get glasses too after all the torture he endured as a kid with glasses.

Here is the sweet before picture:
 This is the adorable after picture... sigh. He looks different, his eyes still sparkle, his smile still glows, but deep in my heart I am afraid for him. I don't want ANYONE to pick on him and dim the light inside making him question how amazing he has been designed to be. True confession here: His brother has already said, "I like you better without glasses." And I had to restrain myself from throttling his jealous little neck (we still struggle with both boys wanting the same exact thing all the time)! But, I did passionately remind all my sons we are to speak life and blessing to each other, celebrating the way God made each of us, different and wonderful!

Now on to lighter things... Camping in the rain... the kids were soaked, every day. I shoved aside the inner panic of everyone "catching their death" of cold from being wet and just let them be little boys in the rain. After all, if you want to camp in North Idaho, you have to accept that if you get a completely sunny perfect weekend, it is a fluke. Or the month of August. Or the weekend you stay home to do yard work. Here are some of the happy faces doing what they love to do while camping...

And finally, apparently I am a little obsessed with getting a perfect Father's Day photo... this was photo #5 and below, photo #7. That was when I gave up. The t-shirts say, "I dig my Dad", which was also not possible to capture in the picture...

Also, I could tell my Love was about ready to steal my camera and hide it under a stump! Oh well. I am again reminded I do not want automatons that smile on cue, even if it would be convenient occasionally.


gianna said...

I LOVE those peanut butter pretzels. We were at a friends' house and they are relatively new friends. The wife had those out so that the husband could snack on them when they came home.
Keep in mind I hardly know these people. I kept snitching those pretzels, that I finally put the open bowl into the cupboard and forced the door shut so that I wouldn't raid their cupboards for food.
Then I had to tell the husband what I had done just in case he wanted more himself.
tee hee.
It was fun to read your post. I came over from Kira's blog carnival!

Kira said...

Firstly, I wish I had not ever seen that pretzel container because I WANT some.

Secondly, your little guy looks absolutely ADORABLE in those glasses. I was always terrifically jealous of kids with glasses and wanted a pair of my own. I understand the fear and the sadness when things don't go exactly as you hope, though. Your boys are so incredibly blessed to have a mother that understands speaking life and who does it so abundantly. My mother showered us kids with praise and verbal blessings and I can tell you from experience that it made me feel secure and confident and I always knew who my biggest fan was. Your boys are lucky to have you.

I didn't even take a picture of my husband on Father's Day. Not one! It didn't even occur to me until I read this post. What is wrong with me?

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today. I cannot tell you how much your words always bless me. You have the gift of encouragement!

Rebecca said...

okay....yes, I need to now go to Costco and get those puppies...and I concur....CHOCOLATE drizzle baby!

Also...I noticed you used the word 'only' in relation to being down 20lbs from last year...that's amazing, awesome, and HARD work (and I know you 'know' this...but words are powerful and i couldn't let it slip), especially the 'maintaining' part..and I LOVE that you're not getting all weird and odd w/not being able to enjoy a peanut butter infused pretzel-hello! ;D

And MOST importantly....I LOVE THE GLASSES on 'middle child' (will respect that you don't use their names on here...good idea actually...note to self)...they are so cute AND cool!

I think it's important to remember that kids got 'teased' yrs ago because they weren't 'cool' or cool looking, and had a stigma attached to them. But nowadays they're trendy, fashionable, and kids WANT them (they even make 'faux' glasses w/just plain ol lenses)...I know I did....but I also wanted a retainer because I thought they would make me look 'sexy' like they did on my crush on the young 'Goonies' character-lol! ;D In fact, I remember straightening out paper clips and smoothing them down and then arching them to put em in my mouth at school...poked the back of my cheeks real bad...and probably scraped some of my enamel off as I slid it in there...but I was 'sexy' by golly to my 5th grade crush! (In my mind...but probably a complete 'nut' in his)-hahahahahha! I love it, I love it all!

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