Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun with Turkey and Fly Spankings


Since I spent the better part of the last week immobilized with grief from the loss of a friend, I must admit finding my "fess-ups" has been like hunting flowers in the weeds.

Here are just a few "daisies" in a weed covered week:

Making my lunch, which always is a trick since I cannot seem to keep my growing kindergartener full enough to not interrupt my progress with his "can I have some more..." and "can I have something ELSE?" was interrupted by shouts of "MOM!! LOOK!!" so loud I was jolted from my low blood sugar state to give full attention to these adorable faces...

Turkey Glasses and a Turkey Nose. I could care less about "don't play with your food" theories. I love it when my kids are creative like this, especially when I need a good belly laugh!
I forgot to frisk my kids for toys at the dinner table last night. I am glad I forgot. Where else can I write:
Milk - It does a Jedi good. 
Remember how proud I was of myself for getting my corner organized and keeping it clean? Well, here is what it looks like right now, and yes, I had to move an empty wine bottle out of the picture - too embarrassing and yet exposing at the same time... so I'll just tell ya about it instead! 

 I really have been wondering if I am speaking aloud or if the voices in my head are taking over. I make a simple request and no one moves...
I chucked a banana that was rudely smacked on my keyboard across the room. I demanded my son respect me and then  realized how ridiculous I sounded. Will I ever grow out of behaving like them? I am an "older mom" for that matter! 
My second son is obsessed with perfecting armpit farts and I am not sure if I should stop him or not. Every one needs a skill right?
I posted this on my facebook profile this week:
tales from the Kitchen Table... "Mom, where's the fly-spanker? We need to spank this fly out of the kitchen!"
I close this week with a question - Is there any solution to the little boy instinct to "if there is resistance, push against it"? 
I will remember to look for the "daisies" the rest of this weekend. Saying goodbye to a friend who has landed blissfully in Heaven puts me in the place to appreciate all the days I have, the crazy moments and every opportunity to "fess-up" to the antics of my family. What a gift!

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