Friday, June 1, 2012

See - With Your Heart

I took 5 minutes to join the Gypsy Mama on Five Minute Friday

I have often found that seeing with my eyes is pretty messy. Looking at circumstances, people, and places with just my natural sight leaves a lot of things out.

When I look at my kitchen I can see the yucky pink counter top or the fact that it is pretty much a "one butt kitchen".

But when I see it with my heart, I see the place that my boys can now make their own toast, the counter that has had countless cookies, pancakes, fingerprints, messes, and sticky spots I only find AFTER I think I've cleaned it all.

It's crazy to me that when I truly see with my heart, the things that matter stand out so much more than the things my vision picks out. And from a messy, sticky pink counter can come the richest and most delicious slices of life (and chocolate cake).

Here's to seeing with my heart today!

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