Thursday, May 31, 2012


Yes. Kisses. I am not talking about passionate "movie star" kisses (that's what we called them when we were kids) but I am talking about right and tender affection.

I am always smooching on my sons. I have often described a mother's affection for her son and his for her as the perfect romance. She pours out her affection for him and he soaks it up like a sponge drawing all the compassion and tenderness of a mothers heart into his boy, someday will be a man, heart and then pours back to her his unbridled affection for her. All healthy, all wholesome, fully designed by God to be that way.

One of the things I do consistently is kiss my little fellas' armpits. I know it sounds NUTS but it is one of the ways I remind myself that they will only be small once. There is a short time when they aren't going to be stinky or hairy there and I want to savor that time. One of my guys even lifts his arm in the air and says, "Kiss me Mom! Is it stinky yet?" Oh, I love that. Such a reminder to be in THIS MOMENT, right now.

I never used to kiss people much. It seemed awkward unless it was my family, kids or my husband. I do have a few close friends that it didn't seem strange to kiss every once in a while, quick peck on the cheek and be done with it.

I have always chuckled at the "air kisses" - you know, you press your cheek up against someones cheek and make the smoochy sound? No offense, but I don't get it. I tried it once. Ended up with someones earlobe in my mouth... talk about AWKWARD!

So, I just have avoided it...

Until lately...

Years ago there were several mamas that really poured into me. I told one of them today how her kisses and her perfume always stayed with me --- the continuation of her blessing and love for me...

One of the things God has put on my heart is to encourage some of the young people around me. I cook for them, I listen, I pray, I hug, and now, I kiss them. Like a Mama would. Tender, motivated by God's love for them, and expecting nothing in return, just like my own Mama and a few others have done for me.

I don't write this to encourage you to start kissing each other, but to encouage you to consider giving to someone something that someone gave to you... with no expectations, a free gift.

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