Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Living What I Love

I am participating in a Healthy Living Challenge on Spark People.These are the specific answers to the mental challenge question for week 9 - but since I am still me - see below for my thoughts in greater detail...

Three things that currently give me happiness:
1) My God - the joy in Him is unshakable even in the worst and hardest circumstances
2) My biological family - My husband and sons give me happiness that is consistent and often about keeping perspective on the important things
3) My spiritual family -  there are many God has put in my life that bless me with their presence.

Three things I would like to do or experience that would increase my happiness:
1) Have my outside body reflect the health of my spirit
2) Taking my kids to Disneyland and NEVER having to wonder if I'd fit on the rides
3) Giving more to others.

I know above I listed the specific answers to those specific questions but it made me ponder - What does Living What I Love look like in the practical...

It's all about perspective.

How do I want to look through the lens of my mind and heart into my life?

If I see lack or disappointment or despair then how can I love anything well? There can always be more or something "better" or different but am I CHOOSING to live what I love RIGHT NOW?

I love my husband - but how do I live to love him? I respect him, I am intentional about saying thank you, I meet practical and even sometimes impractical needs he has without his even asking, I pray for him and I believe in him. If I am choosing to live what I love then I choose to do these things, because I love him.

I love my sons - they are each a mixed bag of personality, emotions, spunk, and enthusiasm - living to love them is tricky on some days. The principal and I are on a first name basis and we talk an average of once a week. Their intensity and their silliness shift so fast sometimes I am sure I have whiplash. They challenge me daily to be innovative in activities and consequences.

In this season while they are small, I can live to love them by holding them accountable for their choices, holding them close every day, looking into their eyes and smiling at them, and being creative to meet their unspoken heart needs as well as the practical- food, clean underwear, etc...

Those are just two examples of Living what I love - it is hard. I don't always "feel" like it. But if I keep in perspective that "Living what I love" doesn't mean - "living to make my life easier" then I see the challenges and trials as opportunities to act on LOVE...

Like my dear friend Roni who now resides in Heaven used to say all the time "Love is something you DO!"

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