Friday, May 25, 2012

Birthday Blog

I arrived at 41 today. Funny, it doesn’t feel much different, though I know it is.

I welcomed this birthday parked at the base of the three crosses at our church.  The center cross, lit at the base, calls to me to come, lift my heart to the One who made me and brought me this far. I worship from the depths of my soul - overwhelmed with gratitude for His mercy and grace.

The daughter He gave my heart arrived about 12:30am and wished me a happy birthday as she climbed in the car after a concert. I loved hearing about her day, soaking in the blessing of her presence. About 30 minutes later I’m in bed next to my Love, praising God for the gift he is to me.

Before 7am I had “Happy Birthdays”, hugs, been shown the inside of underwear with comments about how one of my little fellas is doing better with personal hygiene, and overheard exclamations about how loud someone just “tooted”. I opened cards from my parents, my Love, and it seems my cards from the kids are still in progress.

I even made my Love breakfast this morning, much to his surprise. I love living in the place of fullness. I am not desperate for others to acknowledge me or fill some void in my heart. I love being “seen” and appreciated, for sure. But my craving for being “served” isn’t there anymore. I am happy to receive when it happens, but my relationship with Jesus is so alive and real that I am FULL in my heart and mind.

I “feel” empty sometimes, but God is showing me that it isn’t true. There are SO many places in the Bible that remind me that He has already given me more than I could ever ask for or imagine (which can be hard to remember on challenging days). And when I get tired or frustrated He reminds me to only do what He asks me to do, not one thing more. Obeying Him in that instruction is essential to living in His fullness.

I must get moving and the request of the day is that I wear my hair in ponytails. Oh, they crack me up! I think I have a picture of this time last year with the same request fulfilled!

It is a Happy Birthday. One I am grateful for. It is a gift to be here, living life, savoring the blessings around me and enjoying the fullness of Jesus Christ in me.

Thank you for being a blessing to me. I am grateful you take the time to read my blog. Have an awesome day!

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