Wednesday, June 6, 2012

John Erik

Pondering the gift he is combined with the challenges specific to raising him, this is what fell out of my heart this morning:

Eight Years Old

John of my heart
Named after the disciple and your god-father
The richness of God's gift in you
Challenges me and has changed me.

The beauty of who you are
Takes my breath away.
The depth of your heart
Moves me to assess my own.

The challenge of raising you
Is my reward for a decade of prayers
Now I lean on Him trusting
He will help us shape who you will become.

I am a very grateful Mom.


Kira said...

Love love love this, Jen.

singingpaint said...

Such a loving, wise mother to recognize the jewel God blessed you with and the necessity for Him to empower its polishing. I am so proud of you. Mom

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