Friday, June 8, 2012

More Kids, A Shiner, and Green Waffles

I started thinking about my "Fess Up Post on Tuesday. I thought the following day was Friday. Silly me. But my dear friend Kira humored me an posted what is my favorite consistent blogging endeavor..." target="_blank" title="Kissing the Joy">" border="0" alt="Photobucket">

I made this... I have recently begun making breakfast and lunch for my husband every morning. Tuesday morning to be exact... the day I sent the idea to my friend for a "Fess Up" post. It made me laugh. Hard. At 6:15am. If my Love wasn't so cute, I'd be more annoyed about being up at that hour. But I like writing notes on his napkins and packing him carrots I am not sure if he'll eat.

I have been taking some pictures of some of the basic daily moments. Yes, that is clean laundry not put away from the night before on the back of the couch. I am not going to lie, I have started looking in the backgrounds of other pictures too... I am glad I am not the only one with random household imperfections.

I have recently aquired some additional kids... They don't require too much extra housework. Just occaisional feeding, naps on the couch, and to share their toys. They are between the ages of 19 - 25 and are interns at our church. I really like them. Nope, I love them... and they love me and my family.

I was kind of a sissy about soccer this year. It was a little crazy juggling two boys games at the same time. Several times they had games on different fields at close to the same time. AND it was VERY cold almost every single game. It would have been even harder but I have a sweet new friend with a darling little girl who came out to watch with us.

We all love little girls!

My youngest has a thing for wearing his shirts backwards. You would be amazed at how many people ask if I know he had his shirt on the wrong way... Really?

My oldest found a kid on the playground with a short fuse. He lost his tooth the week before, but it still looks like it goes together. It was a pretty impressive shiner! He told the other kid he forgave him and they were playing together the next day at recess.

Many mornings this is what I see when I get up. I dread the day they don't fit on the couch together.

I LOVE sidewalk chalk. And my oldest thinks its a great way to mark his territory.

We've had several birthday celebrations. We had blower battles at Nana's birthday party, I had my first attempt at tie dye, made green birthday waffles, and held my tongue when my son chose a creative wardrobe. You should have seen him with the sunglasses and sweatshirt cape... I missed that picture! But the light saber cupcakes went over well.

And its June here in Idaho... which means I still haven't put away my favorite socks. But it's okay. They make me happy!

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Kira said...

Yes, June here in Idaho and I just made my husband turn on our fireplace, which has been dormant for three months. Why, oh why, does summer never visit us?

I'm so glad you told me those adorable cupcakes had light sabers on them... I thought they were red and blue worms doing the tango. (Super cute, either way!)

Love you, thanks for linking up with me!

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