Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pressing into the Pain

I only have a few minutes to bust this out so please forgive any literary slack on my part.

I have been interceding for several people in a great deal of pain and felt the need to deposit some truth, some blessing and some prayer into cyberspace for you.

I will not go into theology on this but I pray you will take what I have to say to the Lord yourself and receive from Him what you need in this moment.

Pain is not to be feared. It is an opportunity to connect to God. He loves you. He is not the author of pain, He is the giver of Life.

Whether you know Him deeply or hardly speak to Him at all, He is passionate about you and your life. He cares more about your situation than you can even imagine and He saw all the wounds that your heart has received.

When we are in pain we often want to run, hide or medicate it.


I know.

It's hard.

Only God knows the full depth of your heart and only He can meet the needs you have.

Ask Him to reveal Himself to you.

Ask Him to show you that He sees you.

If you are a believer in Christ as your Lord and Savior, put on some worship music and begin thanking Him. Worship and Thankfulness are like fuel to the weary soul.

If you don't know Jesus as your Lord, ask Him to be. Christianity may be a "religion" for some, but for me it is the source of the deepest, most secure and powerful relationship of my life. You need Him. Not "religion".

Find a Bible or get on Bible Gateway and read Psalm 139 it will speak of how God values you. David, who wrote it understood the height, depth and breadth of God's amazing love for him.

I pray you do too.

You matter.
You are loved.

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singingpaint said...

Tears come as I read, knowing that you have been "there" and have experienced what you talk about. Thank you for sharing with each one the Lord gives you to love and pray for. Thank you for your words of truth from the Father who loves us all.

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