Monday, June 18, 2012


It all started Friday night when I went to pick up my lovely heart-daughter from a child care job at church...

I knew they were having a healing prayer meeting in the sanctuary and it looked like they were just wrapping up. I have been "benched" for four months due to achillies tendoinitis on my right leg. I have prayed myself and I know others have prayed for me to be healed, but the last few weeks I have become more frustrated with what seems like FOREVER for it to get better.

I felt a nudge to just go in and catch the end of the meeting. I stayed at the back and literally two minutes later they asked if anyone wanted prayer to please come forward. So I did.

A few women circled around me and talked with me about my tendonitis. As they began to pray I felt the quarter size knot in my tendon get very warm. I have prayed for others before, feeling the heat in my hands even before I touched them. I know it is a sign of God's Healing touch.

My personal relationship with the Lord and my familiarity with the Bible make me confident of His concern and His passion for healing me. When they were praying for me I was reminded of a fear I have about my tendon never getting better and then I will never be able to do what I know I was made to be - an athlete. I have had a date with Ironman 2016 for a year now and I have been worried these past few months about wether it would even happen because of a threat of this becoming a chronic injury.

We prayed and asked God to take the fear away and I felt a tremendous release of something I didn't even know was lurking in the background of my mind. The heat continued on the knot and after a few minutes I reached down to touch it.

My quarter size knot had SHRUNK to the size of a pea!!! How incredible is that?!!?

I am still excited about it! So many question God's healing touch. I have known in my head that it is real but to tangibly experience it personally in a big way - THAT is AWESOME!

Later, after the prayer for healing, the group took turns praying for each other. I knew several of the people there, but not all of them. Many prayed words of encouragement regarding things I had been praying about only deep in my heart. God's presence was with us and He revealed answers to questions I had, some heart pain, and provided more clarity on the path He has led me to.

I was prayerful and tearful and touched by my brothers and sisters that love Jesus like I do. I KNOW God changed me forever that night. Without a doubt.

The next day I had the opportunity to test my freshly healed tendon. I walked the boys to the park and then later did an almost six mile bike ride with my Love. At the end of the bike ride the knot was completely gone. It did get a little more inflamation back in it later that day after my body "cooled down" a bit but it is still the size of a pea. I iced it and have taken good care of it KNOWING it has been healed.

There is no way anyone but God could have healed me. I have done everything possible to try to get it better myself and nothing has worked. But as of Friday, June 15, 2012 it has been healed. Now don't think I am going to start marathon training tomorrow, but I am definitely back to workouts and looking forward to a good run very soon!

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singingpaint said...

Praise God and bless you for following His lead to healing. Yay!

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