Friday, April 15, 2011

The Shooting Range and Forts in Public

One of my most favorite bloggers has this button on her site. I snagged it today and plan to join her on

I plan to start practicing this myself! I confess stuff off and on in my blog but this forces me to pay attention all week to the loopy and ridiculous events of my week to encourage me to lighten up about the little things in life.

A friend with three sons, all grown up called me yesterday to read to me out of her devotional. She is a true inspiration to me - I watched from the sidelines as she and her hubby raised their sons never imagining the craziness of their life would become mine!

She obviously knows me, and my life... here are two of the nuggets I made her repeat back so I could write them down:

"How I react has greater negative consequences than the initial negative situation I encounter."


"Don't make matters worse by unplanned emotion driven spur-of-the-moment behavior".

Sometimes I think she lives in my house! The main consolation is that she has already made my mistakes, so I can learn from her. And I do.

Okay, so, back to "Fess up Friday"

- I shot down a trip to the "shooting range" (Cabela's) after a "behave or else" shopping trip that ended in my discouragement and my children crawling under the racks calling them forts, for a calorie laden junk food trip through the McDonald's Drive Thru just so I could confine my kids to their seats instead of letting them spend $5 in tokens shooting targets with laser guns.

- After their recent "fort" discovery, I can't take them to any store without them wanting to play in the 'forts'. I smile at them and act like they are supposed to do that. After all, we do that at home ;)

- My youngest son yells from the basket of the shopping cart, " 'Morning Dude!' " to the man stocking the meat at Albertsons and when we get to the checkout he's yelling "Hey Lady" to the checker while she is trying to help the other people in line. And honestly, I am not embarrassed. Should I be?

- I am so controlling I can't let my kids make cross-gendered people on the Wii. Does that make me prejudice?

- I can barely manage to help my boys memorize their AWANA verses without yelling at them... I really think something gets lost when your mom is hollering the verse at you... maybe not?

- I am seriously considering removing all toys except Legos and Hot Wheels from our home. A friend of mine did it. I thought she was nuts, until I thought about it some more...

- When I watch "Extreme Couponing" I want to slap them for stockpiling all of that stuff instead of donating it to their local food bank! And why aren't there believers working together to DO this for our food banks/churches/families in need?

- When one of my kids is sick I act sick myself - no shower, low motivation, slogging around like I have nothing to do.

I think that is enough for this week!


Kira said...

Yay, you are so sweet to link up with me today! I loved this post because I can so relate to all of it.

At least your son is relatively polite in the store. "Hey Dude" is so much better than "See ya sucka grandma!" Seriously mortifying.

I'm afraid of clothing racks! When I was a kid I had a dream of hiding in one all day until the store closed, and I've been herding my kids away from them lest they discover what a magical place they can be. I just realized that's pretty lame of me.

I loved those quotes you shared. I really need to get my hands on a good devotional and just start reading a little bit each day.

Jennifer - Live Courageous! said...

Thanks Kira! Clothing racks are not to be feared. ;)
Is it wrong that I LOVE the play on words... I am still cracking myself up on "forts in public"...

singingpaint said...

I think the play on words is challenging to the "ancient of mind". I kept trying to decide whether you spelled it wrong. :+

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