Wednesday, April 6, 2011

God in the Yard Week 6 Part 1 - A Challenging Prompt :)

"I am intrigued (nervous) about framing spiritual disciplines in the language of art, grace or sex because..."

Yowza! I seriously did not want to pick that one of the 3 prompts to respond to! But, I felt the Lord nudge me, almost as if He was daring me to take the leap, so I did.

First let me begin with intrigued AND nervous. I am intrigued enough to tackle the statement above in my writings but nervous about how clearly I can articulate what I really think on such things. Not to mention what my readers will think!

Framing Spiritual Disciplines in the Language of Art
Connecting something as simple as white paper, dense or thin, transparent or textured with gloppy oil based hues, simple clean lines of ink or pencil, dusty shades of chalk, or drippy translucent watercolor paints produces art.

The simple, combined with the creative - subject to interpretation for sure - produces art. Through the loving gaze of the ultimate Creator, there is beauty to be found in even the most basic of images.

It does not matter how much or little I produce, what matters is my willingness to allow the Artist to form me into His image. Opening myself up to His creativity releases beauty in me I didn't know was possible.

Framing Spiritual Disciplines in the Language of Grace
I have been a recipient of God's Amazing Grace but my understanding of it is so small. I don't even know if this poem of sorts will explain it or not...

Grace poured out without limit
Washed over in abundance
My heart cries out for more
Feeling the lack of Earth planted feet
While my heart longs for Heaven.

He holds this paradox true
While I seek the balance
Of submitting my flesh
To His supreme authority
While submerged in His
Ocean of Grace.
Breathing in a gift
I don't understand or deserve

Complete freedom in Him
Confined within my human heart
Authority and abundance
Combine for my blessing
And His glory.

This poem makes me think of an ethereal shadow - something you can't quite see, but you know it is there - framing the spiritual discipline of experiencing grace. Maybe?

AND the big one!

Framing Spiritual Disciplines in the language of SEX! Hmmmm ;)
His presence beckons me
Drawing me into His arms
Nourishing me as I accept
His embrace.

The giving
The receiving
The heat of His desire
For me
Combines with my
Aching longing
For Him

Once united
Sparks of vision
Destiny and purpose
Explode into

Hee hee, suddenly I feel a bit euphoric.. (Big Grin)


Unknown said...

First, I love this new poetic side of you! I see some deep stuff in the rhythm, and some playfulness too. I really like that.

I can understand why you felt a bit cautious about responding to this question. There has actually been quite a bit of dialog in the blogworld about that last bit. :) Some people are deeply offended, others see such a metaphor as poetic and beautiful.

I like where your heart took you. I think that union--becoming one--with God is something that is difficult to describe with our limited words. The closest thing we have to compare it to is the intimacy we have with our spouse. I think it goes without saying that these are two very different experiences, but the Lover of our Soul desires a depth of intimacy that goes beyond what we understand in our flesh.

I feel like I am blabbering. (blabber, blabber). Fact is, I have felt the euphoria of that Oneness...but there are no words to describe how wonderful it is.

Do you know what I mean?

Jennifer - Live Courageous! said...

Yes, Laura, I totally know what you mean.

We only have 26 letters to describe our connection with Him. Of course 459 letters wouldn't be enough either!

Thanks for reading this. I appreciate your input.

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