Sunday, May 16, 2010

HEALTHY balance

I touched on this a bit today on my Prism Progress blog :

For the next six weeks I am really pressing into God for the breaking off the nasty habits I have with relation to food. It's not like I have spent the last 17 years ignoring my weight. I have done all kinds of programs and had assorted success. The reason for this focus now is that I am finally convinced that I want to do what a friend of mine does. She cooks from scratch. She told me why "1st is because it tastes better and I know what's in it. 2nd is because a majority of prepared foods contain absurd amounts of sugar."

I also read a research study done on fast foods and processed foods about how they are scientifically formulated to be addictive. That creeps me out! Then I watched the documentary Food Inc. and that sealed the deal for me. I am gradually -as our budget allows- working into Organic foods.

I am confident that this is all in God's timing and His provision for the optimum healthy foods is going to be there. Cheap food is no longer going to be part of our diet as a family.

Making an egg casserole for the week tonight so I am up later than usual. It is much better for all of us if Mommy eats well in the morning. :)

I will continue to write on this blog as time allows but as I am beginning this six week journey which will change me for a lifetime, I will be blogging 365 days in a row on my Prism Progress blog.

Casserole is almost done so I get to go to bed soon! Yay! Blessings to all!

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