Friday, May 7, 2010

Cleansing and The Color Gray

Someone very dear to me is going through a very painful transition. I shared this with them and I felt led to post it in case some of you need it too:


God gave me a neat picture a few years ago when I was in great pain over losing my baby. He showed me, standing in the shower, crying... letting the tears, the pain, the anger, the heartache, just go down the drain. Since then the shower/tub has been more than a place to wash my hair or shave my legs. It remains the place where I allow Him to cleanse me, my heart, my mind, my whatever, all down the drain. Maybe that will be a blessing to you as you have tub soaks and take a shower... I also try to remember when I brush my teeth to keep my mouth clean of yucky stuff I might want to say at any given moment :).

The Color Gray

A writing assignment on "color" written on a gray cloudy day when I could find nothing good to focus on - then, as I began writing, God deposited something amazing (at least I think so :)) right in front of me.

What does gray taste like?

Bland food. Gray tastes like the stuff you eat when you have been throwing up or have the runs. Or what you taste when you have a sinus infection and can’t taste anything.

What does gray feel like?

Soft. I think of the softness of my little gray bunny, Annabelle I had when I was a kid. Or the soft feathers of a mama bird she uses to cover her eggs.

What does gray look like?

A backdrop for beauty. It is the color that serves other colors. There is a backdrop of gray today, making all the other colors stand out more than on a bright sun-shiney day. I love gray for that reason. Everything else’s color is emphasized by the soft gray color in the sky.

What does gray sound like?

It sounds like a whisper. No understandable words, just a quiet hint of communication, a gentle nudge in a general direction or a still message about a path to peace.

What does gray smell like?

Fresh. When the deep gray clouds drop rain on the earth there is a freshness that comes. The brown of the dust, the yellow of the pollen, the blackness of the soot/exhaust, all must submit to the outpouring of the gray clouds and be refresh the air we breathe.

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Unknown said...

This is so beautiful, Jennifer. Sometimes it helps when others share their times of sorrow, walk alongside, grieve with us. Thank you for sharing this piece of your story. I'm sorry for the pain that led you to these gray and cleansing places.

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on our Spice It Up! journey! Something I never ever thought I'd be posting on...

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