Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So what's the plan...?

Do you know? I am not sure, but I have a few thoughts...
Right now I'm trying to sell my house, lose weight, get exercise, set up a family schedule/routine, be a good wife, and be a good mom. But not necessarily in that order. It has been said "Fail to plan, Plan to fail". When does that actually apply to all of the above? Yes, I can keep on the housework so I can show the house when someone wants to see it. Yes, I can plan to eat well and work out so my body reveals on the outside the work God is doing within me. Yes, I can schedule my day so my children and I can play, learn, and enjoy each other. Yes, I can make sure that I attend to the needs of my hubby and family. I keep trying to figure out what the top priority is and the fact is they are all top priority. So how do I plan that???? Ugh!

I made a trip to the Healing Rooms in Spokane a few weeks ago with all this on my mind. I just asked for prayer for focus and direction because I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. The prayers of total strangers can be really cool - since they don't really know you - often it feels like a direct Word from God.

So, this is what they said: Don't try to look at your life thru binoculars, take a step back and enjoy the big picture. That is what the Lord would have you focus on - enjoying all He has given you TODAY. Children, hubby, housework, friends, etc are all blessings. Look at them, be with them, do the tasks set before you, and walk.

We get so bogged down with what the plan is or what plan we need to make that we often forget to look into the eyes of our children, spouse, friends, and even enjoy the tasks that are a part of every day life.

So what's the plan? LIVE! Get out of bed, pray for wisdom and courage (that's what I need right now) to walk thru the day with my eyes on Jesus and the blessings He has provided for me. RIGHT NOW.

I am sure that some seasons of our lives require planning beyond just making notes on the calendar, but right now, in this season of my life, I am sure I am to focus on vast blessings (large and small) God has provided for me and walk. No need to run, unless I hear the boys in the bathroom and the water is running again...

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Rebecca said...

That's a great reminder, about stepping back, looking iN eyes, and enjoying TODAY...I love hearing about those Healing rooms....have never been myself...but, very tempted.

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