Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Down but not out...

It has been a while since my last post. I have been battling one of the worst head colds I have ever had. A sinus and ear infection and bronchitis. Yuck! Thanks to my Supermom-Sallie, Nana, my friends Leslie and Laurinda and most of all my sweet hubby, I am back on the mend, finally! I still have a cough, runny nose and rough voice but I am back on track with my diet and exercise program.

I must admit I have been pretty discouraged about walking out the practical reality of changing my life patterns regarding food. It is pretty frustrating to discover how dependant I had become on something so basic to meet my needs instead of the most basic of all - the God who created me. It is hard to receive from the intangible God who can provide for all my needs beyond what I could ask for or imagine (Eph 3:20) and has in many ways already instead of tending to my own wants or needs myself.

We are a self-satisfying people. Satisfying the flesh over the Spirit. Being driven by our flesh - what makes sense to us at the time (which, let's face it, doesn't always work out very well) instead of what the Spirit of the living God inside us is saying about what lies ahead in His perfect plan. I am working on hearing His voice and determining when it is Him and not my own "wisdom" speaking. I admit, there is a lot of trial and error. Sometimes I really screw up in what I think I am hearing and I hurt myself or others and sometimes I hear clearly and directly and it is a blessing to me and to the people in my life. I believe that the closer I am to God and my relationship with Jesus the better I am able to hear from the Holy Spirit what God has for me.

Erik and I will have been married for 17 years this year. I know him. He knows me. But we still make mistakes in reading the other's needs. But, because of our relationship (most of the time :)) we can stay at peace with each other and give each other grace for misunderstandings. God does that for us too - perfectly and always. The deeper the relationship, the more understanding there is of the heart intention and the best desires for one another.

In relationship with Jesus there is my very favorite passage of scripture that talks about this: John 10 talks about the shepherd and the sheep. Sheep know the voice of their shepherd. I never understood the significance of this until someone told me that the sheep are all kept in one big area together at night. Then they are separated when their shepherd calls to them. They follow the voice of their own shepherd! The more time we spend with the Lord the more we know His voice. When He speaks to us, we can respond only to His voice and not to others who would lead us to the wrong flock.

All that to say - I am working on hearing only His voice. That means I have to filter out all the other voices around me so I can hear Him. I need to watch less TV and make sure that the input I receive from my friends and family is consistent with God's Word and where He is leading me.

May God pour out His grace upon you as you learn to hear His voice over all the others who want to distract you from the very best, most important relationship you will ever have - with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Anonymous said...

very awesome, encouraging works, you did well.

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