Sunday, September 14, 2008

Me and Jr (Mints that is...)

So, after our toilet flooded, arguing with the insurance company, it flooding again, the tub backing up with the boys in it, and trying to get clothes washed, towels laundered (from cleaning up toilet overflow, kids re-bathed, groceries bought and put away, I was so done with my day.

So there I sat watching one of my favorite movies (Grosse Point Blank) playing computer games and mindlessly devouring an ENTIRE box of Junior Mints - that is medicating! Yikes. I thought I only at half the box until I picked it up to put back in the freezer and it was almost empty. Four left. I threw them in the garbage to punctuate how unnecessary they are for me to use for "medication". I was so startled. Not. It had been a busy, exhausting, and stressful day and instead of looking to the Lord for my comfort and peace, I found it temporarily in a box of candy and a movie. Not great for my lifestyle change. More like "same old, same old"!

I am not sure how to change the habits of the past except to hand them over to the Lord and trust Him with them. And the added bonus --- no calories are consumed in this process!

My amazing boys are really funny these days, sitting nicely for haircuts so they can have a cookie, playing with their Thomas the tank engine tent and finding out how much ceiling popcorn can fall on them when they set it up on the top bunk. They are doing better with potty training and cups without lids. My # 3 is now crawling and has cut his first tooth! Progress is happening. Growth is happening and soon, dinner needs to happen, so TTFN --- Ta Ta For Now (quoting Tigger from Winnie the Pooh)!
God bless each of you!!

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Rebecca said...

Yeah! I didn't know you had a blog! I've added it to my follow list...hope that's okay, let me know if not...anywhoo...I LOVE Jr. Mints, and I have to confess, that out of all chocolates, they ARE the hardest thing for me to put down (especially freezer kind).

Question..potty old were your boys when you started? I'm planning on starting this month w/Cole (27mon.)

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