Wednesday, July 30, 2014


When I finish something it's like a miracle come true. An epic event that is so rare there is never a camera around to capture the moment!

I rarely finish anything... That's what it FEELS like.

If I really look around and consider all I've been called to do in my life thus far, I realize that the assignments God's given me RARELY include a finish line. They are more about someone else's finish line.

The time when I come alongside a stranger in a parking lot and pray with her, when I carry a burden for someone's marathon-like journey, or simply get the dishes done at bedtime only to have my treasures surface and get them dirty again.
Unfinished Tasks

Projects I've finished

If I stacked up my value next to the projects I actually finished I'd be found quite short next to the Empire State Building of "Unfinished Tasks".

But my value is not dependent on the tasks I complete or even what I start. It is in the eyes of the One who has set the course for my journey.

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Unknown said...

I'm always a little late to Five Minute Friday as well... if I make it at all! :)

There are a few good words in your five minutes! I love the reminder that there is rarely a finish line. It reminds me that the finish line is heaven!!

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