Monday, June 9, 2014

I Just Can't Help Myself!

 I feel compelled to share some of the past several months of craziness with you - for your amusement and mine...
Yes, I get tired just thinking about it... but Sophie looks cuter while she sleeps.

Rock Star Dress Up Day

As if 5 articulate family members aren't enough... the dog talks too!

It seemed like a good idea at the time... too bad they LIED about how long it would take.
One Bazillion little cake dots later... and filling inserted as instructed...
Nailed it! At least according to the Birthday Boy who got to bring his treats to school! Every student had a baggie with 4 different colored "whoopie pies" in them. Whooopie!!! :)

I try to include decorative amusements when I can. It keeps us all smiling!

Yes, I'm still celebrating!

Cardboard and duct tape biplanes were made.

Sophie had to wear a mask.

Peter found the mask less irritating.

Snow boards were designed.

And used, until they fell apart.

I decided that while my Love was out of town I should end the pink counter top suffering I have endured for over 10 years. I took to Pinterest to find a solution. 
Some bucks at Lowes, some elbow grease and I painted them over, 

and over, 

and over, 

and over,
and over, 

Until I LOVED them! It took a week out of my life that was so very worth it! 
After my surgery, the shenanigans, projects and activities of my fellas, meetings, doctor appointments, and kitchen counter renovations, we also managed to finish this school year belly crawling across home plate. But that is another blog for another time. Every bit of effort and energy expended for the benefit of my beloved ones is ALWAYS worth it!

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Cherie Vidovich said...

Cardboard boxes are the best toys. My kids loved them.

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