Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dishwashers and Gunk

I have noticed a funky smell coming from the dishwasher. Today I decided to do what any mom is trained to do... find the source of the funky smell.

Much to my dismay there was a buildup of unknown but very stinky, sticky, greenish brown stuff in the crack where the door and the main part of the dishwasher meet. I pulled out the silverware thing and it was gunky too! ICK!

QUICK! Grab the sponge, Comet and some elbow grease and get that nasty stuff gone... and then...

subtle whispers and an internal arguement ensue.

This thing CLEANS - how can there be gunk?

It cleans GUNK - and sometimes it gets stuck.

Wait... Wait... Wait...

I clean. I deal with gunk. Does it get stuck to me?

Yes. It does.

Staying clean in a gunky world isn't easy. I need my Jesus to come in and show me where the gunk has built up when things start to stink. He's the only one with the Comet who can show me where to apply the sponge and the elbow grease. If my Love had been home I would have had him help me figure out how to get the door off so I could give it a more complete scrubbing. Sometimes I need help. I will ask when he gets home.

Oh, and if I watch for where the gunk can build up, and I clean it regularly, no stink has time to build up.

Here's to no more build-up!

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