Friday, October 5, 2012

WELCOME Holy Spirit

Here I am writing with Lisa-Jo Baker - Five Minute Friday - Today the word is: WELCOME
This is what I felt led to write about regarding WELCOME:
WELCOME Holy Spirit
As an evangelical Christian who passionately believes in the trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) I welcomed Jesus into my life and asked Him to be my Lord and Savior.
But how welcome is Holy Spirit?
He is as relevant and essential as God the Father and Jesus His Son.
How do I welcome Him? Do I listen for Him, walk with Him?
Holy Spirit please forgive me for the times I push You aside. I want to lead myself. I want to lean on my own understanding of situations or circumstances instead of seeing with Your insight into them.
I recognize that I am not the utmost Bible scholar but I am capable of doing a Key Word search on and being blessed tremendously by the 96 verses listed in the New International Version that speak specifically about Him.
I want to welcome Holy Spirit more. I want to develop the habit of releasing my “own understanding” knowing it is incredibly limited and based on only my own experiences.
I watched the movie “Limitless” a while back. I thought it was a good piece of entertainment. I prayed about the “pills” the character took in the movie that allowed him to utilize his brain to its fullest capacity. I asked God about His limitlessness.
God sent Holy Spirit to me so that I can be “limitless” in Him. He is the power, the strength, the wisdom, the joy, the peace, the understanding I need to navigate all the day-to-day decisions of life and the challenges that arise.
Welcome Holy Spirit! I know You are essential to my life and want You to lead me, guide me, teach me, and show me the way You would have me go. Please show me when I am tempted to push You aside and remind me I committed to listen to You first. Thank You!




Kelly said...

I so resonated with this today: "I want to welcome Holy Spirit more. I want to develop the habit of releasing my “own understanding” knowing it is incredibly limited and based on only my own experiences." Thanks for reminding me of the power God gives us through the Spirit. Sometimes I feel so limited, yet His limitlessness is dwelling within me! Praying with you to be more welcoming to the Spirit.

Amanda Chance said...

Awesome post, more of the holyspirit less of me is my prayer!

Anonymous said...

Yes! To welcome the Holy Spirit is a beautiful yet scary thing. Where will he lead me, what will he compel me to do, how well will I obey?
So many questions and unknowns, yet still the knowledge that it will be wonderful and full of life.

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