Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Next Step

I feel we have spent the last three years or so in incubation. I sense we are about to move into the next steps of our journey as a family…

We left California to make a new start. We arrived in North Idaho not knowing all God would have in store for us…

A couple of kids who love each other, love God and love adventure…

We lived in a new place every six months for the first few years we were married. We lived in an apartment, a house way downtown, a couple of trailers of varying degrees of disrepair, and then, our dream to own a house, it came true. Gifts from my grandparents and my parents gave us a downpayment, Erik drew the plans and he built it.

You can see from this picture we didn’t even completely have front steps and the stickers were still on the windows when this was taken. We waited to try to have kids until we had a house. We lived in this house throughout our entire season of infertility until one day, it finally happened. After 9 ½ years we had become pregnant and based on our sense of Erik’s mom’s need (she never would have asked, but God put it on our hearts) we sold this house and bought one that would accommodate a separate space for Mom B to have.

He blessed us in our new space. Abundantly.

We have spent the last eight years being blessed, growing as a family. Mom B has found her own space but not until she helped me get through the challenges of having two babies back to back (14 months apart). We have loved, lived, yelled, grown, cried, laughed so hard our faces hurt, entertained and delighted in the precious place God provided for us.

But now, I sense it is time to move on. I don’t know what is next. As we pursue the pre-approval process and look at new homes, I look forward and backward at the same time, knowing that the gift of this space I brought my babies home to, the space where we became a multi-generational family, the space that nourished and nurtured all of us is going to bless someone else and we will move ahead into the destiny God has planned for us.

We plunge ahead sensing the door on this place close and the next door opening even when we don’t know what the next address will be. But, we do know this:

-          The Faithfulness of our God remains as constant and as consistent as it has ever been.

-          The nourishment we have received in this space is not exclusive to this place but will be just as present as the next – because the Spirit of the Living, Loving, and Awesome God will be there, just like He is here.

-          The space we gain will be taken up by the next season of people, plans and purposes He has ordained since before either of us was born.

-          Hearing His heart for us, our ears to His chest, my Love and I will KNOW beyond the shadow of doubt exactly what space He has for us just like we did before.

-          We will continue on the path set before us full of joy, peace and hope.

I invite you to pray with us as we start out on this next part of our journey. J


Liz Goldberg said...

I hope you realize that you are never far from my thoughts and a part of my heart. I am here for you always. Good luck on the Journey!!!

Rebecca said...

Okay-please don't find this odd-but, I pray rather an encouragement.

I'm sitting at my computer dripping in a towel, after have literally just stepped out of a shower. I sat down to check something on my blog page, okay, I confess, 'my stats'-lol! ;P I'm a bit addicted...but anyways-off topic...and I saw that you had updated a week ago, so popped over here to check out what was new with your life.

The topic made my heart skip a beat. As you know with both sweeping floors and taking showers, one has lots of odd and rambling thoughts that roll into one's head, that I've always found a nice sweet time for reflection, prayers, to-do list's made up, and odd bits and pieces of thoughts-that at times turn purposeful. Well, in the shower I was just in, the odd thought of you and the prohetic word Ed Traut had given you and Erik had popped into my head, and I thought, 'I wonder what will come of that?'

So anyways-that was it-not going to add or embellish, but leave it the sweet simplistic thought that it was. But, I do pray for all of God's plans and purposes with you and your family to come into FULL fruition for the Glory of Our Lord, Our God and King.

Blessings to you Jen! Love ya, Becky

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