Saturday, November 19, 2011

Keeping it Real and Thankful

Well, I missed Friday, but since it's Saturday, I am going to say close enough!


My friend Kira at Kissing the Joy as it Flies inspired me to get this blog written. I have been in a "BLOGJAM" for weeks... I have several floating around but none seem to find their way to the computer.

  • My 3 yr old has now moved on to explaining in very meticulous detail why I am a bad mommy for not letting him do whatever he wants. I have had to move past the "time out" consequence to something a little more impactful. I must admit though, I am moderately amused by his ability to articulate his distress and sometimes I let him finish expressing himself just to see where he ends up. Often, "I love you Mommy!" is the final thing that comes out of his mouth. I think he is pretty sure that will reduce the consequence portion of our "moment" together, but it doesn't. It never really has. But, he keeps trying. 
  • I have had a migraine and tension headache combo for 5 days now. My patience is short and my dish pile is high. 
  • I'm holding down the home front while my Love labors elsewhere
  • I am tracking my calories and trying to workout. I did have to leave spin class before I puked or fell off earlier this week. But I did manage to swim 700yards yesterday - I just needed to MOVE!
  • We made it through our parent teacher conferences (so glad my fellas have great teachers, I know their job isn't easy)
  • I had to miss ministry commitments 
  • I am trying to keep up on the house (except the dishes ;)
  • I keep beating myself up. A lot. About how I am not doing enough for my kids, how I should be training them better about life, about how I am only mediocre at many things but should be excellent, etc. I can't seem to shake it off sometimes.
  • I watched an info-mercial about a product I already have and thought, "hey, I should do that"... duh.
  • I love the snow. 
  • I hate when people complain about the weather. Seriously. BE THANKFUL for WHATEVER comes! NOW!
  • I am not expecting a thousand comments telling me I am a good mom. I just have to keep it real here. 
  •  I am worried I won't make my goal weight for my last weight loss challenge. I am SO close, but stress, and not eating it (which is what I usually do) is really messing with me!!!!!!!
  •  In keeping with the above comment about BE THANKFUL --- Here they are!
Bedtime, sleeping cherubs are soooo very amazing!
Silly faces and pretending you don't need your sleeves.

Snowball fights with the trailer and the side of the house.

Ohhh, I just love him. Our marriage isn't easy, but it's worth it.

A carpet of glorious leaves. A birdhouse gift over 10 years old that still blesses me - every day.

Getting to fall in love - every single day.

Life is hard sometimes. And I may not always have the best attitude. But really, at the end of the day, I am thankful. So very thankful.


Kira said...

I love posts that keep it real but come full circle. A grateful heart is a blessing to everyone who encounters it.

I didn't know your husband was working out of town? Did he join the many husbands who are driving to North Dakota (south Dakota?) Wherever he is, I'm sorry you've been on your own. That is the HARDEST part about being a mom. I don't know how single parents do it. I really don't.

You are awesome, Jen, don't be to hard on yourself. God's grace is sufficient moment by moment, not just at the finish line. This is coming from a mom who yelled her head off when trying to get four boys to church to worship God this morning. It was a real shining moment ;)

Rebecca said...

I love you :)

And I love what Kira said! I concur. Not only that, (and you might not wanna hear it,) but definatly a week to 'throw in the towel' and just enjoy the snow fall with lots of jammie time, book reading, messy house, nail paintin', canceled appts., and to put goals aside for a moment if they're bringing you down rather than lifting you out. Just enjoy and savor the sweetness of the grace and goodness of God and let it cover you like a sweet honeycomb.

We glorify God when we say 'no' too...not just 'yes.' I know you know this-but, just pray you're feeling that freedom this week without ANY stinkin' condemnation.

And BTW-your 'mommying' sounds GREAT to me-I ain't seein' nothin' to feel bad about ;D Keep up the good work, sister soldier!

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