Thursday, August 18, 2011

God in the Yard Week 7 Sabbath on a Page

At the end of week 7 L.L. Barkat challenges me to go for a week writing about nothing spiritual. The "Sabbath on a Page" exercise is to practice "stream of consciousness writing" basically just writing whatever comes to mind without stopping. To "rest" from edits and such. I love the concept and though my life doesn't allow for doing this daily, I try, once a week on this journey to do it. Here is what fell out of my head:

The morning mist of ocean smell
As I trot along the path
Childhood memories echo
Amidst the fragrant coastline.

I feel my body protest
The usual soreness and aches
Exiting to make way for
Stronger faster pursuits.

Dogs chasing balls
Kids protesting parental restraint
All lead up to today's finish line.

Yachts of all sizes and builds
Sails reaching for the wind
They jostle for position
Anticipation building

With a smoke laden "Bang!"
They launch toward adventure
Just like me...

I wrote this in Victoria BC where my Love took me to celebrate my 40th birthday. We ran the two miles from our hotel to the start of the Swiftsure Yacht Race. It was a wonderful morning.


Rebecca said...

What the heck? You're a POET, woman!

This is my line of consciousness writing, ready? brain is pooped, I hear a car driving by, as well as the fan in the bathroom from the last thankful the day is done, I made it past the 'last day of softball' games from the hubby, (which entailed stopping myself from shaking the lethargic people keeping up 'faces' and 'stats') tired from people, so tired from walls...desiring realness, falls! Wheee!!!! ;)

And that's WITH spell check at the end...VERY hard to not go back and correct errors, but you had to have some sort of comprehension of what I was sayin'! :)

Again, I CAN NOT reiterate enough, thank you for sharing in the level of transparency you pour out...pray you're enjoying the precious end to your summer. I'm about to start this level of 'business' you are on with grade school kids-----eeeek! I'm having a heart attack about the level of commitment I'm in on now with Cole starting K in the next couple of weeks. I don't know how you do it. But, I guess I'll figure out as I shove my snowboots over my jammie bottoms 5 days a week! ;D

Jennifer - Live Courageous! said...

I love it Rebecca! I GET it!!
You are so welcome and you plan on sporting those snowboots proud! WE ALL do it! Prayed for you last weekend on your camping trip! Hope it was great! Love ya!!

Unknown said...

THis is absolutely gorgeous. Makes me long for another holiday...

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