Wednesday, August 17, 2011

God in the Yard Week 7 - Playing With God

Showing up/Hiding - Stretching your body and translating the sensations into emotions and thoughts

Hiding: Many people live without fitness. Unmotivated or uninterested in such a focus they live without the ache of muscles developed, well-used and then rested. Instead they live with the ache of inactivity. The constant drain of inaction can be so debilitating and lead to depression. I used to live in that place.

Showing up: When I stretch my aching muscles from my latest run/bike/swim I feel the pain of the "work" and the joy of having the ability to be in pain. The tension between strengthening and exhaustion balanced with every workout.

It is in the places of stretching and aching I feel joy. Celebrating my transition from the sedentary life to a fitness lifestyle.

Now, on the days when I don't work out, I am not hiding. I am actively pursuing the rest my body requires. When I do work out, I am showing up. Actively pursuing the fitness my body requires.

In relation to my connection with God, the seasons of ebb and flow of His presence is quite similar. When the connection is deep and rich it strengthens my faith and exercise my spirit. When my feeling of His presence draws back like the tide, the release of the tension, the eye of the hurricane brings rest and retreat.

I pray this makes sense. I know it is a little bit of a stretch (pun intended).

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Rebecca said...

Oh, wow. I've been absent a bit this week-and it's the first of the blogs I'm catchin' up with on the ones I follow since I'm not connected on the outside world of facebook anymore-lol!

I was drawn into EVERY word you spoke on muscles, workouts, sedintary, and pain....yes, woman...YOU BE sPEAKIN' TRUTH! Especially in the relation of the spiritual realm! SO good!

And I followed your link to 'the eye of a hurricane', which was also a first time read, and YES! I'll have to dive a bit and reflect on the deeper stuff the Lord is withdrawing from us, in regards to toxins and such from the 'perspective' while He's away, when it could be indeed, the use of drawing UP and OUT the toxins. I completely agree-but, had never thought of the equivical of TOXINS...hmmm.....yes :)

Thanks, Jenn!

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