Monday, February 28, 2011

Transformation Equation - God in the Yard Week 2

L.L. Barkat grabbed my attention this week with this sentence concerning spiritual practices:
"My job is not so much to practice a rigid set of disciplines as to pay attention."

I knew God would definitely have something in the Word that would speak to "paying attention". I opened up my Amplified Version of the Bible and looked up "Hearing from God". There were several verses listed but because I knew I had a short window of early morning cartoons before launching into preparation for a school day, I started with the first verse listed: Deuteronomy 28:1 (I kept reading to verse 13). I proceeded to make a list in my journal about the blessings that come from listening to Him and keeping His commandments. Add to those words the grace of the Cross - the New Testament living we enjoy today and it opens up so much hope and invigorates me for what is next!

Now, she has different assignments at the end of each section and week. This one was a little more intimidating than the others... it involved MATH... a nemesis of mine since my youth... BUT, feeling led to walk in a new place I asked God to show me what He had for me in this assignment.

She calls it "Transformation Math" and suggests that I "play with different combinations of math problems and figures to demonstrate your desires for change." So, with some hesitancy, this is what I came up with:

Listening to God + my acting on His Word = Blessings (based on Deut. 28:1 -13)

And then, a little more specific for me personally...

I will elaborate further on my Prism Progress blog about what those specific "new actions" are. But for now, I have stretched beyond myself doing math as a journaling exercise and I am blessed!


Unknown said...

I read the Prism Progress post before this one, Jennifer and I had forgotten about the "transformation math". :) I don't think I did that exercise :). Maybe math is my old nemesis too :). But I"m glad you found it helpful. Wonderful how you took these thoughts to the Word. That is what we all must do, right?


singingpaint said...

Boy am I proud of you!! That math thing is genetic, passed down through the female Klue gene pool. Sorry about that. But what a great and simple picture you made of it. Sounds complicated but is so simple...especially with God's strength in exchange for our weakness. I have been enjoying watching the transformation. You are awesome!

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