Saturday, July 11, 2015

Five Minute Friday --- HOPE

Every once in a while I join with an online community of bloggers to write five minutes on a one word prompt - It's called Five Minute Friday.

The prompt for yesterday was HOPE.

Ready, GO!

There are a million directions to go on this word. But I'm going to go with the one that is floating to the top of my list first.

I HOPE I cross the finish line tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my fifth triathlon but its been three years since my last one. I am smaller in size (by more than 60lbs) and more comfortable in my skin. I am still significantly overweight, but that won't matter tomorrow.

Tomorrow I HOPE to swim, bike and run with 557 other women celebrating fitness, life, and each other.

Tomorrow I HOPE my five month post op knee can hold up while I have to walk the whole 5k at the end.

Tomorrow I HOPE I can keep my sense of humor while I am passed by lots of women faster than me.

Tomorrow I HOPE the sports bra (especially!), tank top, cycling shorts, and running shoes are the best for doing the job I need them to do.

Tomorrow I WILL enjoy the strength I have, the endurance I've gained, and the purpose for which I am doing this race - to finish it. I don't need HOPE for that. Because I already KNOW it.

Five minutes are up - STOP.

If you want to follow my progress on my race tomorrow here is the link Valley Girl Triathlon Stats.
I am number 158. Thanks for all your encouragement and support.

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Debra Caroline said...

How Wonderful! I am reading this several days after Friday, but I hope that your triathalon went well and that you crossed that finish line!
*an FMF neighbor stopping by from

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