Friday, April 5, 2013

After... - WHEN is that?!

Writing with Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday again today.

I have five minutes to spill out whatever pops out of my brain through my fingers on the word AFTER.


Many of my thoughts for years have started with that word:
... I can get some sleep
... they get out of diapers
... I lose the weight
... they don't need me so much
... I can get organized
... I get some different furniture
... I have a bigger kitchen

Do you see where I am going? How many things do I miss out on waiting for "after"?

I read Lisa Jo's blog often and wonder how she writes. It seems like life is plenty busy for her but she still manages to spill over me gracious wise words that refresh my soul.

I want to write like that. I want to know how to organize my time and life in such a way that the gifts that I've been given have a place to pour out and bless the people around me.

I think NOW is the time. Not AFTER... otherwise I will miss something waiting for the AFTER...



Anonymous said...

I am the QUEEN of AFTER! Yes - I totally understand this thought. And you are right, if we keep waiting for the "after", it will never come.

Unknown said... is good to just do rather than waiting for some magical moment...after.

Kim@onerebelheart said...

Stopping by from FMF... Wow, did I need to read this! I was just thinking about how I could *really* write if I could get some time to myself, but why wait? Why not do whatever I can in the time I can carve out NOW? Great reminder!

slkooiman said...

eOh man, I do that same thing. I talk about how we will get to go on a vacation someday "after" the kids are older. I think about how I will actually have some free time, etc. Straight from my heart, sister!

christie elkins. said...

Such a great post! I agree--what am I stumbling over in my own life (organization, patience) that is hindering my gifts to shine? I be re-reading this post later I'm sure. Great inspiration! Hopping over from FMF linkup.

Unknown said...

Ack! Are you writing words from my brain?? Won't life always be better AFTER we fix something/do something/lose some weight?? Is this a product of yearning to fill our God-shaped-holes?
Stopping by from FMF! Can't wait to check the place out :)

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