Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Join (Even When It's Hard)

It's taken me until Wednesday to get my "Five Minute Friday" writing done, but this prompt took some time to germinate in my soul." title="Five Minute Friday">
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I am great at joining exciting and fun activities, events and clubs. It is pretty cool to be a part of something that influences the world in a positive way.


What about joining the lost, depressed, broken or needy?

I am going to be transparent here. It isn't fun. But, you knew that.

Jesus did it. He's asked me to join Him. He's asked us all to join Him. If we call Him our Lord and Savior then we need to respond and act as He did. As He leads.

He joined even the dead (Lazarus) and brought him back to life.

He joins me in my brokenness and forgives me when I ask. His gift of Salvation sealed forever by His death on the Cross for me (and for you too).

One of the greatest gifts I can give in response to His gift to me is to join Him as He leads me to walk beside, touch, and pray with those He loves.

It is hard to climb into the muddy sticky mess of life next to someone in pain. But He did. So I will.


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