Friday, September 9, 2011

In Real Life

In my real life
there are crumbs on the floor
Stickers stuck in places you don't expect
Boogers picked in public
Tempers flare
Eyes Roll
Bugs splat on the windshield of a freshly washed car

Peace overtakes trauma
Laughter offsets turmoil
Odd suggestions for dinner - eyebrow soup
Make little guys wonder
What Mom has been up to all day.

Joy may come in the morning
But we are super glad when it shows up at bedtime.

We spread ourselves too thin
Watch too much Phineas and Ferb
Snuggle instead of "accomplish stuff"

Feel like obligations tempt to override heart needs
Choose Hearts instead and annoy others
Consequences happen
Kick fights on the couch interrupt my concentration
Little boy amusing activities over ride comfort zones of parents

What I love about being IN REAL LIFE:

It is fun
It hurts sometimes, reminding me I'm alive and I love.
It pours over me like a flood or trickles like a slow stream
It seems random a lot, but it never really is.

And best of all,
We are all held in the snug and loving hand of a Father who LOVES our Real Life.

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Bekka said...

Beautiful images come to mind with your words. Thank you.
(Visiting via the Gypsy Mama).

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