Thursday, November 18, 2010

SHORT Stories

A friend posted a link to an NPR article about 'Hint Fiction' Celebrates the (Extremely) Short Story and I was intrigued. I have diligently worked on editing my blogs and writings lately and this looked like an exciting challenge.

Here are my stories:

Two of which are taken from Scripture so they cannot be considered fiction, but it was a cool exercise to condense them into a few words.

Title: Luke 8 Woman © JJ Bogdanowicz
She escaped terminal rejection and reached for Life. Healing happened. Eternal freedom began.

Title: The Other Choice (Based on Luke 9:61-62) © JJ Bogdanowicz
He left without saying goodbye.  Stunned, she took a deep breath. Eternal purpose had been chosen, trusting the Master’s provision. Destiny called them both.

Title: Conqueror © JJ Bogdanowicz
Seasoned eyes were sharpened for night pursuit. After decades Darkness still retreated in terror. Sword severed precisely. Victory established by moonlight.


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