Sunday, July 4, 2010

I love you Mom!

My kids say "I love you" a lot. Since they started speaking, it is not uncommon for it to be said many times every day. Sometimes, other people get told "I love you" a lot too.

It is a spontaneous eruption that comes from their little hearts. Some people don't know what to do about it. Others just smile and say, "I love you too".

The days when they say it over and over again - to the point where you wonder if they really mean it or if they just don't know what to say, I have tuned into their "happy" factor. The days when it comes out the most is when they are happiest, most "full" of heart and content with their world. It is precious.

I never want to take those three little words for granted, EVER.

Erik and I have said "I love you" often to each other. We say it at least 3-4 times a day. When my heart is happy and I am content and looking at the man God provided for me I may blurt it out several more times. I imagine my little fellas learned to be free with those words from me. I am thankful for that.

You see, I don't think you can say these three precious words enough. Just ask the ones who have lost those they love.

My journey to better health is not so much about being thinner, faster, or stronger, but about my love for my God, my family, and my precious friends God has gifted me with.

I love you!

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Unknown said...

I've been reading the Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren Winner. In it, she goes through the Jewish holidays and talks about how Christians could draw closer to God through them. The one I just finished reading about is keeping kosher or Kashrut (sp? I'm too lazy to look it up). She talks about how being careful about what we eat honors God, how He cares about what we put in our bodies. I don't want to take those three words for granted either, Jennifer. But I sure have taken food for granted a lot. shame on me. Your journey is inspiring me to be more deliberate in my health too.

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