Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Getting started... again... :)

So, after a Very long time I am beginning to really write again. So, here it is for today...

Need a life preserver? Call your Jesus. When He tells you to answer the phone, answer it. When a beloved friend texts you and you are about to burst into tears, call her back!

That is what happened to me today. Stuck in my head, listening for lies, believing them and getting sucked into the drain of despair. Then I get a text confirming a dinner meeting tonight. I thought, I could just text, then she won't know I am going to burst into tears at any second. God said Call her. I did. She prayed, having faith for me, knowing who I am and speaking truth and love over me. She patiently waited for me to finish talking before she said goodbye. She released grace over me and gave me that moment I desperately needed but wouldn't have asked for.

We need to be doing that for each other. We need to listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit calling us to reach out and embrace the circle of friends He has surrounded us with so we can thrive in this season we are in. God is bringing healing, transitions, transformation and revelation more than ever before. Are we ready to hear it? If you can't stop the "static" in your head, worship, pray, and call a brother or sister in Christ and let them swing their Sword (the Word) over you.

I know I sure needed it. I have no doubt others need it to today. So whether you call to reach out and bless someone today or whether you need to call and ask for help, DO IT.

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Lily's Spud Pad said...

Jen - you are such a blessing to so many of us. You are a rock and encourager with so many gifts and talents. Shine on...

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