Thursday, July 3, 2008

Never a dull moment...

When I walked around the corner and saw my middle son drinking from the construction helmet his Nana bought him a few months ago I knew some sort of water hazard was in the making. Sure enough, the lake below the sink required my entire bath towel to clean it up.

The previous day it took 3 washcloths, 2 bath towels, and one rag to soak up the milk that had made it's way to the floor while my oldest was drinking from the carton. When I asked my husband if he had drunk from the carton in front of them he said no, so I must only conclude that somewhere in the male genetic makeup is the desire to drink milk from a gigantic jug.

My reflexes have improved over the past few years. I know from the above comments you might think I was in another room ignoring the antics of my little guys. Nope. I move from one room to the next in record time pretty consistently just for the above reasons. It is AMAZING what can happen in just a couple of minutes! When I am trying to choke down the anger I gaze into their innocent (or not) gaze and thank the Lord for the chance to be a mom. Today when I was yelling at my oldest because he had not picked up the 3 items I asked him to pick up easily 2 or 3 times already I caught a twinkle in his eye. For a split second I couldn't imagine why he was about to laugh. Then, taking that ever so important step back to imagine what he is seeing , I yelled "Am I yelling at you?" then I started laughing. He started laughing. We were both cracking up for a moment. Then he picked up the toys. I am sure he was laughing because it certainly wasn't possible his mom was so angry over just a few toys on the floor!

I am sure I left a mark on their psyche the other day when they were flinging books off their shelf and I went running in, fresh from the shower (don't hold that thought too long!) to remind them that if they made a mess they would be very late to the fun activity we were going to go do. O, that I would not take things so seriously! Sometimes I think I need to dial it down a few notches, then other amazing and creative disasters come along and I think "Nope, I'd better stay close on them so no permanent damage can be done.

I LOVE the activity. I even don't mind the disasters from time to time. I love having adventurous and exciting children. I just think I would be a better mom if I slept at night. I am not sure. I haven't had a chance to find out. When my youngest sleeps for 6 hours, my middle guy doesn't and then some nights everyone is up and I feel like a human pin ball in my own surreal machine.

Before my children arrived, life occasionally threw me a curve ball or two. It would cause me to make a few changes, jump to attention and get busy to do something new. Now, especially on my new diet, because I feel so much better physically, I am embracing all the craziness and trying not to lose my temper over spilt milk, water hazards, or toys on the floor. I am not entirely successful, but I am thrilled to report that we have more fun than drama. Praise God!

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