Thursday, April 5, 2012

Worth it? Am I?

This was an exercise in my Spark People Healthy Living Challenge that I am participating in. I decided to put it on my regular blog as well.

May you make a list of your own. Praying you will.

1) I am worth it because: God says so - Jesus died for me. Seriously, how can I not get that I matter?! if only I can walk it out in the day to day.
2) I am worth it because: My life is worth living well. I have been blessed with a hubby that loves me, kids that are complete miracles and I want to "live long and prosper" (Sorry for the Spock quote, I couldn't help myself!)
3) I am worth it because: I have people in my life who remind me. Often.
4) I am worth it because: If I don't choose to value myself, how will I teach my children to value themselves?
5) I am worth it because: I choose to believe that. Even when I don't FEEL it. Most of the time.
Praying you savor this Easter season aware of how much He gave for your worth. God bless you!

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