Saturday, March 10, 2012

Don't Freak Out!

It's that still small voice in my heart again,
"Don't freak out!"
It is not panicked or flustered.
The voice speaks stillness, clarity.

Sitting in the classroom
Called in to see the teacher
Intriguing art makes her wonder
So she couldn't just email.

I like her.
She likes me.
We work together for his best.
But sometimes we wonder...

"Don't freak out."
I hear it again.
I look into her eyes
I know she sees me.

We strategize together
A plan to help him receive
The education we both
Want for him.

She puts his focused writing
In front of my concerned eyes
I read the imagination
We wonder what he sees

"Don't freak out."
The small voice whispers big.
We agree to structured focus
On directed topics.

We hug and breathe
Fresh relief that all is well
Solutions in motion
No need to freak out.

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