Saturday, March 6, 2010

What kind of music is playing in your world?

This last week sounded like Jr High band practice. Ever had a week like that? Everyone is trying to be confident in what they are playing but really, it just gives you a headache.

During this season of my life the Symphony seems miles away and the soundtrack to my world plays like a "random shuffle" on some crazy person's Ipod. Jr.High band practice, Christian rock, country western (when I am feeling sorry for myself), definitely a little grunge, and maybe some days I will admit to a little pop music.

But, here's the deal, am I OK with that?

Our small group met last night and talked about vision casting for our future. Personally, financially, and as families. I shared about my week last week. Three different illnesses of the same sort but not presenting the same, one late night trip to the ER, and a cabinet full of assorted medicines to combat further incidents. My vision was impaired by my circumstances.

I do have a vision for my future as a woman, a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I will save that for a further blog... but because of who I am I want to envision my soundtrack for each of those aspects of my world as well.

When I listen to Matt Redman something happens in my heart. I identify with his relationship with Jesus. His latest CD "We Shall Not Shaken" (the title song)has been the anthem of my days. The kids and I dance and pray and sing along declaring aloud that we will not be shaken by what we see. And yet sometimes I am.

The Jr.High Band plays and I become scattered, distracted, and aggravated by the smallest things. The solution - MORE WORSHIP! The only thing that can dislodge the crazy shuffle of tunes on the Ipod of my life is fixing my eyes on the Author and Perfecter of my life, the lives of my family, and the lives of my friends.

Blessings, and may your Jr. High Band play infrequently only when you have a Jr. High student and you have to take them to practice!


Unknown said...

Yes! More worship! Sometimes singing along to K-love is the only thing that keeps me from uttering those shameful words my flesh cries out to speak (and sometimes they eek out anyway...).

Just breathe through, right?

I've had those days of cacophony too; but, at least it's not an 80s hair band song I'm humming ;)

Anonymous said...

I love music and how you use the different styles to describe your day, brilliant! Leslie

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